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Supported ECM repositories

Question asked by stw on Jul 1, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2011 by unknown-user
The WeWebU-team so far has tested the OpenWorkdesk Community Edition against the CMIS-implementations of Alfresco and IBM FileNet P8. WeWebU has worked very tight together with the development-teams at IBM and Alfresco to make sure that from day one on (which is today) our companies together can offer a robust and performant CMIS based solution with great business value. Of course you're sincerely invited to test against other CMIS-compliant repositories such as Nuxeo, EMC Documentum or Sharepoint (as soon as the CMIS-connector will be released from Microsoft). Please share your experiences with us and the community boards under the category EXPERIENCES WITH ... .

:-) stw