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SA-8 and Alfresco Community Edition 201605GA

Question asked by resplin on May 24, 2016
Today we posted <a href="">Security Advisory 8</a>, which publicly discloses important security vulnerabilities that are addressed in <a href="">Alfresco Community Edition 201605 GA</a>.

Alfresco Community Edition 201605 GA contains Alfresco Share 5.1.f, Alfresco Platform 5.1.g, and Alfresco Records Management 2.4.b. This is the most recent stable release of Alfresco, and we encourage everyone to upgrade to it.

This release contains fixes to the ImageTragick vulnerability, and a number of HTML injection vulnerabilities.

<strong>After upgrading, you should verify that the password for your "admin" user did not get reset to the default password.</strong>