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OWD source code: libs (*.jar) and project dependencies

Question asked by vahe on Jul 2, 2010
Latest reply on May 3, 2013 by deko
:o  How is the OWD project set up:
For developing we are using Eclipse with MyEclipse (8.x). The project settings files are also part of the source code checked-in on, so that the project dependencies are already defined in these files.

:oops: If you are not using MyEclipse you have to setup the project dependencies by your own.

Projects (libs):
- oecmcustomlocalize_<version>.jar (Custom Localization of OWD)
- oecmlocalize_<version>.jar (Product Localization of OWD)
- ow_adpcmis_<version>.jar (Adaptor for CMIS Standard) [*3]
- ow_expression_<version>.jar (Rules Engine for Highlighting in Hit List)
- ow_core_<version>.jar (Core System) [*1] [*3]
- ow_dev_<version>.jar (Developer Toolkit) [*2]
- ow_plugdms_<version>.jar (Document Management Functions (DMS)) [*2]
- ow_plugrecord_<version>.jar (eFile Management) [*2]
- ow_plugsearch_<version>.jar (Search & Retrieval) [*2]
- ow_plugstd_<version>.jar (Standard Plugins) [*2]
- ow_plugstddocimport_<version>.jar (Standard Document Importer) [*2]

- [*1] needs ow_expression
- [*2] needs ow_core

3rd Party Libs
- [*3] ant, common libs, jai libs, log4j, spring libs, cmis, webservices (metro)
- the most of them are used by ow_core or ow_adpcmis

Team Project Set
To check out the OWD source code from the SVN, you can use the Eclipse Team Project Set that is also available to download ("owd releases source and javadoc" - "misc" - owd_trunk_sourceforge.psf)

:ugeek: Happy compile!