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Question asked by unknown-user on Jul 6, 2010
Have you ever done it with Alfresco running on localhost ( ?

It's comparatively easy to get this up and running too in very little time.

- Download the Alfresco-Community-3.3g-Full-Setup.exe from
- Run the install file, which will configure Alfresco so that it runs locally on port 8080.

- Download your OWD Community Edition from
- Unzip the file and copy the ow directory directly into the Alfresco webapps directory.  In my case this would be C:\Alfresco\tomcat\webapps\ow.
- Open the file owbootstrap.xml, which is located at C:\Alfresco\tomcat\webapps\ow\WEB-INF\conf\cmis\
- Comment out the <WSDLRepository> section titled
           <!–  Alfresco online CMIS WSDL location –>.
- Uncomment the <WSDLRepository> section titled
           <!–  Enter here the WSDL location for the config –>.
- Check that all WSDL tag items are pointing at http://localhost:8080/alfresco/… instead of
- Save the modified owbootstrap.xml file.
- Fire up the Alfresco server, by running the batch file C:\Alfresco\alf_start.bat and wait a moment for all its services to start up.
- Open a web browser, type the URL http://localhost:8080/ow and VOILA !!!

Have fun  ;)