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Releasedate of CMIS-connector for Sharepoint 2010

Question asked by stw on Jul 9, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2010 by deko
At the SharePoint 2010 Summit @ AIIM Expo, Eric Swift (@eswift), General Manager of SharePoint Marketing announced that Microsoft with be shipping the CMIS Connector for SharePoint as part of the SharePoint Administrator Toolkit by the end of June 2010.  The CMIS Connector for SharePoint provides a CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services)interface over the top of SharePoint as well as a CMIS consumer Web Part that can be used to display content from other CMIS enabled repositories.

It seems that Microsoft wasn't able to deliver the CMIS-connector intime. We're waiting for it and are very curious to check how well OpenWorkdesk will work against Sharepoint 2010 via CMIS.

:-) stw (WeWebU CEO)