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exclude a certain path from all user searches

Question asked by mrksjs on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by mrksjs

Unfortunately we have a special folder named "_archive" in our repository everywhere.
This folder has its purpose. But: When searching for content/documents we want to exclude it and every content beneath "_archive".

So, what i want is to exclude the path and its member from all user searches. Syntax is easy with fts:
<your query> AND -PATH:"//cm:_archive//*"

To test, take the following pdf (or any other with the term 'hodor' in it):
take the pdf, put it into your repo twice:
- /some_random_path/search-test.pdf
- /some_random_path/_archive/search-test.pdf

In node-browser everything works as expected:
TEXT:"HODOR" AND -PATH:"//cm:_archive//*"
= 1 result

= 2 results

So, my idea was to edit search.get.config.xml and add the exclusion to the list of properties:

    <default-query-template>%(cm:name cm:title cm:description ia:whatEvent
        ia:descriptionEvent lnk:title lnk:description TEXT TAG) AND -PATH:"//cm:_archive//*"

But it does not work as intended! As soon as i am using 'TEXT:' or 'name:' in the search field, the exclusion seems to be ignored.

What other option do i have? Basically just want to add the exclusion to the base query after the default query template is used.