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How to create your own application?

Question asked by deko Employee on Jul 16, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2010 by vahe
Did you know that everything in OpenWorkdesk is configurable to your needs? Creating your own application is quite easy by using the OpenWorkdesk Configurator, which you can get for free here for Windows operating systems as well as for Linux operating systems.


The OWD Configurator provides you with a graphical interface which allows you to conveniently perform the upcoming configuration tasks such as:

•   for owplugins.xml

–> create new instances of plugins
–> configure existing plugins
–> define the order in which plugins appear

•   for owmimetable.xml

–> define actions for MIME types

After you downloaded and unzipped the Configurator, you can start the Configurator by running the launcher.exe file from your unzipped folder.

A briefly description how to work with OpenWorddesk Configurator is described in the OpenWorkdesk Configuration Guide (chapter 2), which you can find by clicking the "guides" link in the tab "docs" of the main navigation bar after registration at