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Question asked by stw on Jul 22, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2011 by deko
EMC is working hard on the implementation of CMIS-compliance in Documentum. In the EMC Community Network you find a lot of information about the current status as well as some useful links around the CMIS-technology:

Of course there's still a lot to do for the EMC-developers (performance issues ) and there's not a final release yet. But I'm very optimistic that till the end of 2010 it will also be possible to run OpenWorkdesk against Documentum via CMIS. Please let us know if you're a Documentum developer and willing to test OpenWorkdesk against it. We'll be happy to work together with you.

By the way: did you know that we at WeWebU already implemented the prototype of a native adapter against Documentum? We decided not to productize it because of our CMIS-strategy, but if you want to use OpenWorkdesk together with Documentum right now, you don't have to wait and could start with our native implementation which should work fine for a project based solution.

:-) stw  - WeWebU CEO