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Sample HR Application using CMIS available with Sprint 14

Question asked by rapa on Jul 30, 2010
A sample Human Resources application based on the open source Community Edition of OpenWorkdesk is released together with the latest sprint results of the Community Edition. The HR application as well as the OpenWorkdesk Community Edition can be downloaded for free here. The HR application can be deployed on any CMIS compliant ECM repository and shows the difference between a simple CMIS  explorer providing mere browse and search capabilities and a real business application. It provides HR dossiers that are built using OpenWorkdesk's versatile virtual foldering  as well as tailored searches for dossiers and employee related documents that could be used in the HR department. Functionalities for creating new dossiers with a pre-defined structure as well as for simple adding and indexing of documents round up the application. Since the domain knowledge and terminology are build into the application users can start working without any training. In order to facilitate testing of the application on an Alfresco repository WeWebU provides a data loading application that creates data structures and uploads sample documents to the repository.