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/alfresco/wcs/slingshot/doclib...etc results in a 404

Question asked by fintan on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by fintan
Hi all,

I've recently installed Alfresco GA-201605. I've have solr, alfresco and share installed on separate vm's.
They are all talking to each other successfully.

The problem I am experiencing is that any url that goes to /alfresco/wcs/slingshot/doclib or /alfresco/wcs/slingshot/doclib2 results in a 404. So for example

"GET /alfresco/wcs/slingshot/doclib/doclist/documents/node/alfresco/company/home?max=50&filter=recentlyModifiedByMe HTTP/1.1" 404 1571

The Web Script /alfresco/wcs/slingshot/doclib/doclist/documents/node/alfresco/company/home has responded with a status of 404 - Not Found.

404 Description:   Requested resource is not available.

Message:   04270002 Script url /slingshot/doclib/doclist/documents/node/alfresco/company/home does not map to a Web Script.
Server:   Community v5.1.0 (r127059-b7) schema 10,001
Time:   27-May-2016 15:54:33

Is there a urlrewrite file I need to edit? Or can someone give me an idea where I should be look to resolve the issue. Thanks