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New Open Air Installer for Alfersco HR scenario

Question asked by rapa on Sep 16, 2010
The Open Air Installer adds data-model definitions as well as data and documents to Alfresco deployments in order to build up the WeWebU OpenWorkdesk HR (Human Resources) scenario, based on the WeWebU OpenWorkdesk Community Edition and the Alfresco Community Edition. Thus you can try a real life example of a composite content application based on the open source stack of both OpenWorkdesk and Alfresco and CMIS without the need of laborious data modeling and document importing.

The new version 1.2 of the installer adds more documents so that the sample scenario is richer and more complex hence showing more features of OpenWorkdesk. Furthermore the import mechanism was improved and is more robust.

For details see the readme file on The tool can be downloaded for free here: or via this direct link. Give it a try!