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Question asked by eswbitto on Sep 13, 2013
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I'm setting up a site for HR and they are wanting to only have one site, but break it up into controlled access.


Employee A -> Access to Folder A
Employee B -> Access to Folder B
Employee A & B -> Access to Folder C

Now Employee A won't have access to Folder B and vice versa, but both would have access to folder C.

I tried to go the route of Having Folder A have Consumers have Consumer Privileges and None on Contributor and Collaborator

Then on Folder B have Contributers have Consumer Privileges and None on Consumers and Collaborators.

Then classify each employee accordingly.

Employee A= Consumer
Employee B= Contributor

When I log into Employee A it works the way that I want it to, but logging into Employee B shows both folders.

Is there a way to manage the permissions the way that I am wanting?