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Para Modules (Alfresco Add-ons) Web-Launch SALE - $99!

Question asked by parashiftaustralia on May 31, 2016
Tomorrow we are launching our new web-shop for all Para Modules (Alfresco Add-ons). This means you can now easily purchase and download any of our Para Modules without hesitation! To celebrate, we are reducing EVERY module to $99!

Don't know what a Para Module is? That’s okay, we’ll explain it to you. A Para Module is a practical add-on enhancement for your Alfresco system. They are an ever growing range of simple to highly sophisticated systems that improve Alfresco’s capabilities. All have been identified through our many client engagements over the years.

Offer runs from 9am the 1st of June - 5pm the 30th of June 2016 AEST. Subject to terms and conditions.
Para Modules are offered on a subscription basis; therefore, the cost will reoccur each year.