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How can i set up a project in eclipse and what is needed?

Question asked by unknown-user on Dec 19, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2013 by deko
I wanted to add a new field-control into the owd and this should be developed in a team.

- I use "Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers" latest version.
- I have alfresco minimal setup and OWD v3.1.0.0 Sprint 6 on a seperate Tomcat v5.5.
- downloaded the "src" and the "javadoc" packages.
- MyEclipse is not an option since its commercial

So the question is:
"Where is the manual on howto set up an eclipse-project for openworkdesk?"

I did the following steps:
1. "File"->"New"->"Dynamic Web Project"
2. Configured through the dialogs and used the default Tomcat v5.5 which was installed as well as the Oracle JRE 1.5
3. Importet the contents of the owd-folder from the "bin" Package of OWD Sprint 6 into the "WebContent"-Directory of the eclipse project
4. Importet the "src" Package of OWD Sprint 6 into the "src"-Directory in the eclipse project.

This only results in a lot of errors like unresolved types and so on.
The "libraries" are configured to include the WEB-INF/lib-Folders in eclipse.

Screenshots below: