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Upgrade 3.4d to 4.2d

Question asked by mikeacain on Sep 15, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2013 by mikeacain
I have spent a week or so trying to get my head around upgrading from 3.4d to 4.2d and i'm not being very successful.

I have installed MySql 5.6 uploaded the alfresco tables I dumped from my 3.4d MySQL database.

I then installed Alfresco 4.2d but have been unsuccessful in getting Alfresco to correctly start after following all the upgrade instructions in the documentation and various blogs I have read

I also tried to upgrading to 4.0e first (which was successful) then upgraded to 4.2d and again couldn't get it start got the error See:

Is there a definitive way to do this upgrade that is successful?

Thanks in advance