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Does Advanced Document Viewing also support CSN formats

Question asked by mkappel Employee on Jan 25, 2012
If IBM Content Collector is used for archiving mail from Lotus Notes, it is stored in the proprietary IBM format “CSN” in ECM Repository.

The question is whether WeWebU Advanced Document Viewing is able to view this CSN format.

The Advanced Document Viewing consists of two components, a server and a client component. The client component itself is able to view many formats out of the box, e.g.
- the typical image formats like jpeg, png, gif, multipage tiff, etc
- PDF documents
- Etc.

If the client is not able to view a document, the server component is able with its Advanced Document Processing to prepare respectively converts documents into a format (like PDF) which is viewable in the client component.

Back to CSN format:
The “IBM InfoSphere eDiscovery Manager e-mail converter API” provides a method which allows us to convert mails in CSN format into a common format like “.eml” or “.msg”. The server is able handle such common formats for conversions into PDF and can be shown in the viewer.

As part of a project we can view mails, collected by ICC in CSN format, in the standard viewer.
You can find more information about Advanced Document Viewer at