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How to get alfresco objest via CMIS

Question asked by trinhdc on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by steven.okennedy
Hello all,
      I have investigated CMIS/alfresco to write out a client app. I have investigated CMIS workbench, dotCmis and many threads/articles.
      After several weeks i get stuck with many confusing. Here are some examples(on Alfresco 5.1 community & one):
       - I can create several types via admin page site, when i upload a file then i change it types and i can select the created types (plus a system type called: Smart Folder Template). But if i used CMIS workbench and invoke Types button then it shows out many types that greater than admin page site. I code out a snip codes and the code also shows out many types, my code is:  foreach (IObjectType oType in Session.GetTypeChildren("cmis:document", true)). My question is how can i get only types same to admin page site?
       - I can not get out Category Root, Tags, aspects… several of them can work but its result puts out more than on admin page site.
       - Generally, how to get all alfresco objects(types, aspect, category, tags)?

Please help me.