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Documents in eFile shall match more than one criterion

Question asked by mkappel Employee on Mar 5, 2012
The standard scenario e.g. HR scenario shows only documents in the specific employee dossier where the personnel number of the document matches with the personnel number of employee dossier.

But it is also possible to show only documents matching more than one metadata.
An eFile contains beside the customer number as well a contract number and one wants to list only documents in the eFile which match both criteria.

This is possible very easily. It is just necessary to add this additional criterion to the SemiVirtualRecordClasses specification in the owbootstrap.xml:

<SemiVirtualRecordClassName virtualfolder="ContractFile.xml" folderclassname="F:owd:ContractFile" includephysicalchilds="true">   
     <VirtualFolderProperty folderproperty="F:owd:ContractFile.owd:CustomerNumber">D:owd:ContractDoc.owd:DocCustomerNumber</VirtualFolderProperty>
     <VirtualFolderProperty folderproperty="F:owd:ContractFile.owd:ContractNumber">D:owd:ContractDoc.owd:DocContractNumber</VirtualFolderProperty>
     <VirtualFolderProperty folderproperty="OW_ObjectPath">OwSearchPath</VirtualFolderProperty>