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Does OpenWorkdesk support distributed Resource Managers?

Question asked by mkappel Employee on Mar 7, 2012
“These are distributed Resource Managers - the component of IBM CM that stores the actual content.  This allows the content to be kept relatively locally without having to travel from the remote site to the central office.  In the case of WeWebU we don't want the user to drag a document onto OWD and have it transmit the file to the central server and then have the content pushed back out to the remote site.”

The WeWebU OpenWorkdesk as well as the Zero Install Desktop Integration are web applications. Both are connecting via the native II4C API to the IBM Content Manager respectively the Data Store. Therefor OpenWorkdesk hasn’t any influence how IBM CM handles/stores/maintains the objects, which OpenWorkdesk hands over to IBM CM via API resp. II4C.
OpenWorkdesk just use the II4C API to upload an object and IBM CM is responsible for storing it and it doesn’t matter to OpenWorkdesk how and even where it is physically stored. Just the logical structure exposed to OpenWorkdesk cares.

OpenWorkdesk does not care about any specific connections. Just the following API method is used:

ddo = datastoreICM_p.createDDO(objClassName, ojectTypeToCreate);
DKDDO ddo;

IBM CM manages the connections and stores the content maybe via a JDBC connection.

Therefor it is not a problem to work with multiple resource managers because OpenWorkdesk doesn’t work with it directly but CM does.