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Single search field for fulltext and property search

Question asked by deko Employee on Mar 19, 2012
With the upcoming OpenWorkdesk Final release it will be possible to search for hits in Alfresco documents´ content and in Alfresco documents´ metadata with one single search field.

:!: In CMIS owbootstrap.xml you just have to configure the following node to use the Alfresco SQL search processor instead of the standard CMIS search processor:

<!– Special CSQLCProcessor for extended Alfresco content search abilities, use together with Alfresco repository only –>

With this configuration it is then possible to use the <cbr_all> operator in a search template in the <where> clause like in the following example:

     <whereprop editproperty="editable" symname="cmis:document.cmis:name">
     <literal />

:shock: As results of this search all documents will be listed, where the value of the requested search field is contained in the document´s name or in a document´s content.