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add custom properties to upload form

Question asked by purohitsumit on Jun 6, 2016
Hi All,

I am trying to add custome properties to files when the files are uploaded to alfresco share site. using alfresco 4.2.c
Here is what i have done so far:

1. I have created a new aspect for cm:content datamodel. this aspect has few properties and which i want to set for each file in the share site.
2. If multiple files are selcted to be uploader, these properties should apply to each and every file (with same value for a property)
3. On drag and drop, it should pause the uploade and wait for use input for all the properties

I have tried uploader-plus extension which does somewhat similar work (It does not apply the same properties to each and every file, but it asks user the values for each file one at a time.). But this extension is not compatible with alfresco 4.2.c. :-(

If anyone one can point me to any other plug-in OR show me how to get this done using custom code, i will appriciate.

1. If a custom web-script is required, please let me know what files to change.
2. I can show customized upload form UI with all required fields but i am not sure how are these values make available to web-script.
3. Is the default upload web-script a batch process where all the uploaded files are uploaded simultaniously OR the upload script is called N times for N-file upload.

Thanks for the help.