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Drag & Drop of Lotus Notes E-Mails

Question asked by rapa on Mar 22, 2012
…. sometimes fails.

A nice feature of the OpenWorkdesk Pro and Enterprise Editions is adding of documents via drag & drop. Since Lotus Notes 8.5.2 you even can add add e-mails directly from Lotus Notes to an eFile in OpenWorkdesk. Our Partner Clavis has recorded a nice video that shows this feature. You may view it here:
However, sometimes only a link to the e-mail is created and the upload fails. The good news is that this is not a bug in OpenWorkdesk  :P  . We discovered that the Lotus Notes client can only export e-mails via drag & drop if they are stored on a Notes server. If the mails are coming e.g. from a pop server and are stored locally, the download fails and only a link is created. You can check the behavior by just dragging a mail from the Lotus Notes client to the Windows desktop. If just a link is created on the dektop then drag & drop to OpenWorkdesk won't work either. If an .eml file is created on the desktop drag & drop to Openworkdesk should work as well. (Of course you have to enable the "Drag and drop saves as eml file." option in your Notes client. See how you can do this here
IBM has been notified of the flaw. We'll keep you posted if and when the problem will be saved.