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Direct opening of MS-Office documents in OWD using Firefox

Question asked by mkappel Employee on Mar 27, 2012
If you want to open an Office document directly out of OpenWorkdesk or others like Share, Workplace, etc. an ActiveX component is used to trigger the respective Office Application and hand over the URL of the document where it is located and Office can receive it.

Since ActiveX is only supported within Internet Explorer, it is currently not possible to open documents directly out of OpenWorkdesk by using Firefox.

With the upcoming version of OpenWorkdesk, we will provide an alternative way for opening documents out of OpenWorkdesk:
As some customers don’t like to use ActiveX Controls and of course Firefox shall be a supported browser, OpenWorkdesk will provide a new Java Applet, which will allow to trigger Office, overhand the document URL and open the Office document, even if called out of Firefox and Internet Explorer.

:!: Support of ZIDI will not be limited to Internet Explorer anymore.