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Cannot install HR Sample Application

Question asked by stefan.sperling on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2013 by 4lfr3d7115
I tried installing the HR Sample Application but the installer always failes after the context import with following message:
Failed to ping CMIS WS : [Invalid user name or password specified]@SIMPLE_CMIS{http://localhost:8080/alfresco/cmis}.
I tried installing it twice on a CentOS 6.2 server, once with Alfresco 4 and once with Alfresco 3.4e and once on a Fedora 14 workstation with Alfresco 4.
These are all fresh installations of both Alfresco and OWD, tried with a separate Tomcat6 for OWD and using the Alfresco supplied Tomcat, always with Sun-JDK 1.6 installed with default admin/admin user/password combination.
I can login on both Alfresco and OWD but for some reason, the HR Sample installer doesn't work.
Anyone got any clues?