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Alfresco SOLR

Question asked by d.evil on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by d.evil
With Alfresco 4.0 SOLR is used as to index object in the repository.

Unfortunatelly the SOLR handling is not as expected, and some known behavior differences (compared to earilier Lucene) are under following link When not to use Solr.

Since the update of the index has now a delay, all searches after an add, modify or delete object process will not deliver the expected result. Some of that process can even provoke exception during a repository resquest (search-delete-search).

This can lead in OpenWorkdesk to problems in virtual structures, which are based on searches. A workaround would be to disable SOLR and use only Lucene again, or not to use virtual structure at all.