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SingleSignOn using CMIS

Question asked by manikandarajan on Jun 9, 2016
Is it possible to open alfresco share without asking password in the browser using CMIS? what are the options to open alfresco share without login screen other than ldap, ntlm,kerberos.  I've tried with external authentication ( httpheader) which is not working -i dont know which part is wrong, i've modified the alfresco global properties file, share-config-custom.xml and tried to access alfresco share from the browser http:localhost:port/share but it asking for password. Any example or tutorial to crack this, my task is to open alfresco share without login screen( not using ldap, ntlm,kerberos). Thanks in advance

<em>Edit by AFaust: This question was raised in a very old thread about SSO with LDAP ( I have split this as a new topic so people actually see it as a new question.</em>