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WebDAV - aos

Question asked by luciana on Jun 9, 2016
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Is anyone able to replicate this issue when mapping a drive from a Windows machine to: https://alfrescoserver/alfresco/aos :

Each time an Office document is edited->saved->closed from the aos drive and then a copy/move is done right after, either to the local C: drive or to the same folder on the AOS mapped drive, the copy is wrong 100% of the time. The problems seem arbitrary. However, the contents of the file do not show the updates 100% of the time; and sometimes it can be as old as the first version of the document. Sometimes the file date time is incorrect.

When we tested with a text file opened in notepad there was no issue with updates being copied to the local computer drive.

Each time the same MS Office Document was dropped into an Outlook email the local document would be refreshed as soon as the "Send" button in Outlook was clicked. So it appears that, somewhere at the O/S level, the contents of the document were being cached. Most likely caused by some settings in Office.

We're on Enterprise 5.0.2

Appreciate any feedback.