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MultiValues in CM and OpenWorkdesk

Question asked by popeye on Aug 9, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2012 by vahe
we are using IBM CM 8.4.3 and have installed your OpenWorkdesk. One use case is to use your plugin 'EditProperties (simple)' that allows to define some specific attributes to be displayed.
This works fine, but we have issues with some multi-value attributes that we have defined (see attached screenshot) ==> we defined the "Adress" with the subvalues S_zipCode and S_street. This complete attribute should be displayed in our "EditProperties" plugin, but we don't know how to reference it. We tried the following ones:
- Adress. S_zipCode and Adress.S_street
- S_zipCode and S_street
=> but they don't show up in the frontend and we get an error message. Can you help?

Thanks in advance