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Add-ons and Records

Question asked by peterbrooks on Sep 19, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2013 by mforcer
Alfresco in the cloud looks like a nice, inexpensive, easy to use option, but I'm concerned that it might be a bit limiting - but I've only just started to look at it, so I might be misunderstanding. Any help gratefully received:

- I see that there are a lot of useful add-ons. How can one access these with the cloud option?

- I'd like to keep track of records as well as just files - is this possible?

- The workflow seems quite limited. Can't I set things to happen at a particular time, or to trigger on other events (like an e-mail, or SMS)?

- I can't seem to find the version history. It's great to have the versioning, but I'd need to know who changed what when - an audit trail. It'd be good to have the ability to compare version and roll back - as in a wiki.

If I'm better off installing it all from scratch and running it on my machine or a hosted server, that's fine, I just need to understand whether or not this is an option.