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Third party CA certificate for Solr and Tomcat

Question asked by pritesh.shah17 on Sep 19, 2013
Hello All,

I have got third CA certificates and have generated keystore for tomcat using JKS, and edited tomcat configuration in server.xml for ssl/https, this working fine.
But I want use same 3rd party CA certificate for Solr, I tried configuring dir.keystore in to point to the keystore I have generated and configured in server.xml, but its not working.

Below is the error i am getting in tomcat console,

Caused by: org.alfresco.encryption.MissingKeyException: Key metadata is missing from keystore E:/SA/Alfresco/4.2/demo/tomcat/conf/keystore/alfresco-test_solutionanalysts_com.jks/keystore

        at org.alfresco.encryption.AlfrescoKeyStoreImpl.validateKeys(

        at org.alfresco.encryption.AlfrescoKeyStoreImpl.validateKeys(

        at org.alfresco.encryption.KeyStoreChecker.validateKeyStores(

        at org.alfresco.encryption.EncryptionChecker$1.execute(

Can anyone help me configuring or generating third party CA certificate or SSL for solr and tomcat same?

Any help would be appreciated!!

Thanks in advance