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Alfresco Encryption

Question asked by alfsender on Sep 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by alfsender
Hi All,

I have requirement where i have to store encrypted value in Alfresco. I know in Alfresco we have a type d:encrypted. For that i need to configure encryption certificate in Alfresco. What my problem is i can not do that, as there is an existing internal service with client that we have to use for encryption/decryption.

This service gives encrypted value in response, so i am getting byte array,  which i cant store in alfresco available data types.

I tried creating a SealedObject, but that also didn't work as i have to pass cipher while creating object, which i don't have.

One more thing is i am calling this web-service for encryption through java-script based web-script, so i need a way where i can store either inputstream or byte array to Alfresco property. is it possible to store inputstream or byte array to Alfresco property, if yes then what should be the data type of that property and how to store it through java-script.

Request for your valuable inputs.

Thank you.