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Auth to Alfresco/Active Directory

Question asked by talexander on Jan 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by talexander
So, I have followed the quick start guide and have got OWD loading up and supposedly connecting to our Alfresco 4 repository.  This was achieved by ammending the bootstrap xml file and removing the cloud and other WSDL connectors and leaving the localhost option.

All looking good so far.  Problem I am now hitting is logging in to the thing.  the page loads and entering Admin/admin allows me in to the back end by trying to expand the Master Repository fails with a "could not connect to node" warning.  Checking catalina.out for the OWD tomcat shows an auth failure. 

A suggestion here was to use the admin username and password for the alfresco site.  That is fine in principle but I was wondering long term how users will gain access?  We have Alfresco authenticating against Active Directory but none of the usernames and passwords specified seem to work.  The documentation seems to suggest that OWD performs no authentication and offloads this to ECM (which I am guessing is Alfresco in this case).  Is the only way to use OWD with the admin account of Alfresco?