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Development Roadmap Required

Question asked by chamill on Feb 5, 2013
Hello to all,

My name is Conor I work for an insurance company and we are slowly integrating Alfresco to our userbase.

We would like to increase the functionality they can access especially with regard to saving and indexing outlook emails and would like to do this by using OpenWorkDesk in this area.

I have been tasked with starting the development in this area. My experience is in programming with a background in Sybase PowerBuilder, VBA, Oracle SQL and a basic knowledge of HTML, XML and JavaScript.

I have been using the Tutorial in the docs section of this site( and I have got as far as Section 6.1.2 to create a plugin. I am trying to do this from OpenWorkdesk Configurator but when it asks me to "Use the green plus (+) in the top" there is no green plus.

My questions are:
Is from a beginners perspective who wants to develop apps in OpenWorkdesk where should I start, Is there a Development roadmap i need to follow?

Are there any more tutorials? Are there any training courses? Am I just out of my depth?

I really need to know where to start. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


Conor M Hamill