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Kofax Integration with Alfresco?

Question asked by prof.1 on Sep 22, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by swatnew1
I'm working on Alfresco, and I would like to buy Kofax tool to add capturing documents feature to my system.

My Questions are:

1. The capturing tools from Kofax: "Kofax Express", "Kofax Capture", and "Kofax web capture" which one is integrated with Alfresco, or all?
2. "Kofax Express" is a desktop application?
3. I found the prices for just "Kofax Express", what are the prices for "Kofax Capture"?
4. The prices are per year or per PC?
5. The prices are depend on the scanner machine, what will happen for example if I buy Kofax for a Cannon scanner then I decided later to change my scanner machine, do I have to buy a totally new one to be integrated with my new machine?
6. I saw a video for the integration between Kofax and Alfresco, it seems that the Kofax tool is separated (there is no add-on included inside the Alfresco) and the integration is just the uploading documents from Kofax to Alfresco automatically, is that right?
7. Does "Kofax web capture" supports all features of "Kofax Express"?
8. Which one "Kofax Express" or "Kofax Capture" supports Arabic language, or both, and what are exactly the supported features for Arabic?