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Casestudy implementation for Alfresco and CMIS

Question asked by saurav on Sep 23, 2013
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Hi All,

I am very new to enterprise conent management concepts.

I would like to do a small hands or a case study before we embark on the full fledged thing.
My work will be mainly on the client side so i would like to get more experience in consuming server content.

For that i needed to get some experience on CMIS apis and their consumption.

I plan to develop a plain eclipse based client for the server. I would like to see the content in Eclipse RCP app.Kind of what alfresco explorer does.

I dont wan't install an alfresco server for myself as i would not work on the server side .How can i use an alfresco server for my case study. Should i use the public alfresco server or the cloud based alfresco server.
Please pardon if my questions look like novice ones.

Also please provide suggestions on my case study.