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Show Data List title instead of filename for DL Items in search

Question asked by ssterjo on Sep 23, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by ssterjo
Hi everyone,

I'm in a lot of hurry for finishing my Alfresco prototype for the uni, so I hope someone answers me quickly. I have configured some custom data lists and made them searchable. When I search for metadata in the data lists though, I get the automatically generated file names for the entries in the DL. What is need though, is to search for an item through the lists, and get the respective data list title for each item.

If it's not clear, let me explain it better. Each data list matches a staff member at my uni, and for each member there is a list of capabilities. the name of the data list is of course the name of the member, and he can add entries to his list. I want to search for a specific capability, and get the names of the members who have this entry. but instead I get the long filename of the entry, and I have to open it to see the name of the list.

I hope someone can help me asap. thanks in advance.