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googledocs don t works ...

Question asked by worm75011 on Mar 29, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2013 by worm75011
Sorry i m newbee with alfresco.
I install the 4.2.c (
i don t see menu or other with googledocs name for create it or share…
I use alfresco-community-4.2.c-installer-linux-x64.bin with –mode text
I say Y for googleDocs (Y is checked by default)
I search but i see nothing
I find on alfresco site 2 files :

I Install them with the script (/opt/alfresco/bin)
i don t have warning or error during the installation but i don't configuration no where …

in the logs i can see :

alfresco.log:18:45:13,250 INFO  [org.alfresco.repo.module.ModuleServiceImpl] Starting module '' version 2.0.1.
alfresco.log:18:45:13,886 INFO  [] Starting 'googledocs' subsystem, ID: [googledocs, default]
alfresco.log:18:45:13,924 INFO  [] Startup of 'googledocs' subsystem, ID: [googledocs, default] complete
alfresco.log:18:45:17,019 INFO  [] Starting 'googledocs' subsystem, ID: [googledocs, v2]
alfresco.log:18:45:17,066 INFO  [] Startup of 'googledocs' subsystem, ID: [googledocs, v2] complete

Can you help me?
tank you in advance