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Customizing document library views: table.effectivity

Question asked by billydekid on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by billydekid

I'm new on Alfresco development and just started with a little customization project.
I want to add more column headers on table view of document library page.
They are effectivity date information.

Editing share-documentlibrary-config.xml I can add more columns by adding these lines into table's view-renderer part:

                        "property": "cm:from",
                        "label": "table.effectivity.label.from",
                        "width": "100"
                        "property": "cm:to",
                        "label": "",
                        "width": "100"

My questions is about the label.
Page at below paragraph explains:
"Note that the value of labels such as are set in properties files, so that multiple translations can be provided."

What is the "properties files"? and where is it?
I curious on that since if I set the label to "" will display on column header, not "Effective from/to" as it should be.

Thank you,