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Local Permissions on a Folder

Question asked by carnold on Mar 30, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2013 by andy
4.2.0c on SLES11. I am trying to set permissions (default alfresco "roles") on a folder. I have a financials folder that i want only the people i assign to see. Maybe i am going about this the wrong way but here is what i have done:
go into the "Repository" view within Alfresco Share and navigate to the folder want to set permissions on, then manage permissions on that folder and turn off inheritance. I then click adducer/group and type in the user i want to be able to see this folder and the files inside but the only thing that is returned is "everyone group", not the username that i am typing in. This sounds somewhat like i want to do:
but again, only thing that shows up is everyone group. How do i add users to this folder?
These users were created in Alfresco Explorer. Do users replicate to Alfresco Share if created in Alfresco Explorer?