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How to use webscript to get SiteService object for Site related operations

Question asked by smita on Sep 24, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by smita
    I want to get SiteService object for some site related functions like creation, deletion etc through java code. eg. I want following should be working


As I researched on net, I have to use webscript to get SiteService objcet. I have seen on alfresco wiki pages, for running webscripts we need to hit webscript url given in webscript discritor.
1. My first question is, what are the minimum and proper steps to get this SiteService object? Also, please refer the location where I can put my webscript discriptor file in src which could be read as webscript.
2. To fulfill my requirement, do  need to call this webscript url through apache's http api in some java code? If not, how could I can use above siteService which could perform oprations on alfresco server.
Please reply, its urgent.