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Migrate repository with replication service

Question asked by on Sep 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2014 by rajeshdk
I am trying to migrate data from one instance of Alfresco to another. I can't use standard backup procedure, because the DB and filesystem contains some inconsistent data and I want to make a "clean" copy.

I have tried to transfer data using the replication service. When transferring one site from instance A to instance B, in instance B I have following problems:

1) Default site groups are lost (all ACL too)
2) All documents has aspect "Transferred from another repository", but I dont want this.
3) All "Quickshared" documents are unavailable. When I click on view shared link, I get error: "It Appears That this shared file link has been removed"
4) and the document cannot be unshared.

here is log:  2013-09-24 17:44:34,727  ERROR [scripts.quickshare.QuickShareMetaDataGet] [http-apr-8080-exec-10] Unable to find: iONcd01ORp2aCZOhkSS5HA

So my question is:

1) Can I move one instance of Alfresco to second with replication service?
2) Is there a other way to move content to another instance keeping ACL, nodeRefs, quickshare links, comments, version history etc..
3) Can I repair all Quickshared documents using Javascript API (unshare and share again)?

Alfresco version 4.2.d on both instances (Instance A is upgraded from 4.2.c).


Martin Nedved