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Question asked by smcardle on Apr 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2013 by smcardle
Hi All.

I have an OpenCMIS client that traverses the Alfresco Folder structure and for each Folder it needs to check to see if the current user has WRITE permission to that Folder.

In my Alfresco Repository (As Admin) I have used Manage Users on a Space and set my normal user to Consumer (No Write).

However, when I get this Folder and call

Acl acl = obj.getAcl();

(Where obj is the Folder I an interested in) the acl is null ?????

This means that I cannot then get call
List<Ace> aces = acl.getAces();
to get the list of aces to check to see if the user has actually got write permission.

Is the problem that OpenCMIS does not return the ACL's? or is the problem Alfresco does not support them in CMIS?