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Preset site and script execution

Question asked by marcùss on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by marcùss
Hi there,

I would like to perform my preset site creation. At this moment with my apps, if you create a preset site for a customer, a rules in DocumentLibrary run a script how check if its a folder and if his name is "documentLibrary" and if the name contains "-client" (i use this marks in name, because i dont want that script creat folder in other sites).

I hope you understand the steps. So what i would like is, when you select the preset site, a script is executed to create first "documentLibrary" in "Repository/Sites/'nameSite'" and after create folders i want and later, add permission if its possible.

I found <a href="">this post</a> but i'm not understanding how the script can be excuted. I want this script only use by the preset site i setup.

Any help is highly appreciated!
Many thanks