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Resource not found error after installing alfresco community/enterprise version

Question asked by manthanshah on Sep 25, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2013 by kaynezhang
Hello friends,

I am sorry if this has been answered but i didnot find the exact solution for my problme so I am posting it here.

I am using CentOS 6.4 as my server. I installed the alfresco-community-4.2.c-installer-linux-x64.bin on my pc using the easy install. There were no errors in the start but Mozilla FireFox give a 404 - resource not found error on opening I have re-installed the application atleast 10 times using enterprise and community version both. Its urgent so any help would be appreciated.
I have attached the tomcat log file.
I am a newbie in linux.
Please Help