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Workflow API usage

Question asked by darkredd on Apr 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2013 by darkredd
Good day all,

I am working on a workflow with an escalation requirement. Now I have the logic right, but using the API is somehow eluding me.
I want to run through the "Transitions" of a certain task, but I do not know how or what the keys are stored as in the return map after using the

The following is a snippet of the code I'm working on:

var transactions = {};
      transactions = task.transitions;
      var outcome = "";
      for each (outcome in transactions)
   logger.log("Transitions " + outcome.[reviewOutcome]);

What I would like to know is what are the keys for those transitions in my workflow? I have two possible outcomes: <b>Recommend</b> or <b>Reject</b>.
After all this I have to terminate that certain task.

Thanks in advance.