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MySQL database and Alfresco

Question asked by zsoltbalint on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by zsoltbalint
My name is Zsolt and I have a problem with alfresco that I can't resolve for days now.
I'm using alfresco 4.0.2 (I know it's not the latest but I have to use this) and my task is to create a new user group. A searched the documentation of Alfresco and find how to create a new user group via the page, but I have to create it in the back-end. I managed to create it but the main problem is that it did not appear in the database. It is the same when I create the group via the page. I checked the alf_authority table and there are some groups predefined and users but my newly created sub-group is not there. The interesting thing is when I create a new user it will be put in the db without any problem.
So there must be some configuration error that I miss, maybe it didn't trigger an update of the db if a new group is created?
Can someone who is more familiar with the flow between the mysql db and alfresoc explain the process.