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Deny certain user access to dataLists-node

Question asked by ebogaard on Sep 27, 2013
We use CMIS to access content from the Repository. As all we want to show is the content of the documentLibrary, I think the easiest way to accomplish that, is to deny access to that node for the user we use for cmis-access. But as other groups and users need to access this still, wed rather not disable inheritance of permissions.
In the permissions scheme is a 'deny' option, but this isn't exposed in any web interface.
So I've tried it by using javascript. Only to find out that I can't find any function to do this.
Also, I tried to remove the 'Read' permission by using removePermission, but then I get the error "Can not delete from this acl in a node context SHARED"

Now I'm left with several questions:
1. Is this the right way to 'hide' the dataLists-node, or do you have any other suggestions?
2. Is there a javascript function to apply a deny-permission to a certain node for a certain user -without- disabling the inheritance of all other permissions
3. How/Where can I find this function (and if it works differently than setPermission: how do I apply this)?

We use 4.2c