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Creating new Tags via CMIS / REST

Question asked by franciscogonzalez on Apr 3, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2013 by franciscogonzalez
Hello all,

I am trying to tag documents from my own Java Service (an external app) and I am having some problems.

First of all I tried to do this task via CMIS and I found a good solution at this post . But the problem was that tags must be created in Alfresco before you try to add them to a Document (you need the own Tag ids for that).

Then I looked for the REST API services to add tags (http:/myalfresco/alfresco/service/index/family/Tagging) but looking at URLs it seems that I will also need tags id.

So the problem for me is: How do I create new Tags into Alfresco from an external app (based on Java)?

The first thing I had in mind was to try to create tags manually via CMIS. That way I tried to get Tags Root (workspace://SpacesStore/tag:tag-root) to create new tags inside. But it has been impossible for me to cast that object (cm:category) to any CMIS Java objects (CmisObject, Document or Folder). 

Via Rest I have not found any solution yet, so I am lost…

Is it possible to do this? Could any one help me?

I am using Alfresco Community 4.2 for testing.

Thanks in advance!