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Project Timesheet Log

Question asked by anu1234 on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by jpotts

I am using Alfresco Community edition 5.1 for our document management for our organization. We have another requirement to add a feature to enter timesheet log for each projects, but don't know how to implement this in Alfresco.

"We need a form with following fields. 1) A select box to select the project(pre-populated). 2) A select field to choose project task(development, design, etc.) 3) and another select field sub task field based on the project task field selected. 4) And 7 text field to enter hours for each day of the week(Monday, Tue, .. Sunday).

There should be a add more button to add timesheet(weekly basis) for multiple projects. Also a remove button to remove a timesheet entry."

I am new to Alfresco, so don't know if the above requirement is possible using any add-ons. Any help would be appreciated.