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Question asked by zafarale on Oct 1, 2013
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Hi All,
         I worked with Alfresco 3.2 and deployed a massive web application project few years ago. Now trying to do POC for something new. Alfresco has changed a lot;
1) Alfresco Explorer (Was the tool we used to create web project and deploy)
2) Alfresco share (Now is the tool to create web sites)

I am struggling to find how can i deploy a web site to external location filesystem/apache. With current documentation most i was able to figure out was to use channel manager, which by default does not do fulfil this basic requirement unless i am perceiving it wrongly.

Can anyone suggest me how can i deploy static site to external location.

My previous project was dynamic site built with surf, and we used to deploy it to tomcat via deployment receiver which has been deprecated, can anyone suggest how will i go about it now.